Investment in the latest European electric moulding equipment has facilitated a reduction in consumables such as electricity, water and oil. Thus making us a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing business, benefiting both our customers and the community.

Environmental assistance is further advanced via our in-house recycling scheme providing a process for the use of materials recovered from our manufacturing operations. Application of these recycled materials contributes to a reduction in virgin material use and helps to reduce material being sent to land fill.

At Jakaar, we're committed to promoting and managing eco-sustainable practices to protect the social, economic and environmental future of the communities we operate in. This means creating
- a safe working environment for our people
- operating responsibly in our local environment.
- promoting our in house recycling scheme and re-using material recovered from our manufacturing operations.

Application of these environmental practices will help reduce the amount of virgin material used and help us move towards building a world-class organisation that contributes to economic growth and wealth

Our open factory policy provides an opportunity for our customers to freely scrutinise our production practices.