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Check out our innovative Boomerang-Tread Wobble Roller – the easy gliding solution for marine trailers. Find out how we can service all your injection moulded plastic and tooling requirements.
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Boomerang Tread Wobble Roller 
"Easy on your boat mate!"

While the humble traditional wobble roller provided boaties with easy launch and retrieve compared to slides, it had negatives including a high tilt angle and chattering noise.

We developed the continuous contact wobble roller with its distinctive boomerang-tread to overcome significant advantages over the conventional options, including:
  • Patented Tread Design Providing Low-Impact and
  • Low-Tile Glide
  • Smooth and Quiet Rolling
  • No Vibration
  • Low Impact - Continuous Contact
  • Non-marking Rubber 

Guide Rollers 

Even when launching and retrieving a vessel in rough or extreme low tide conditions the Guide Roller offers peace of mind. It incorporates a thermo plastic rubber over-mould over two interlocking rims to produce a fully supported angled surface for a boat to slide down. This is useful in situations where certain hull designs require guidance for keeping the boat square on the trailer. All materials are UV stabilized to protect the plastic from degrading in sunlight and harsh environmental conditions

Keel Rollers

Our innovative keel roller range has been designed to suit all boat hull types by using different materials. Using thermal bonding our keel rollers achieve a 100% reduction of possible voids guaranteeing consistent quality and enabling an inherently stronger product. This unique two-step manufacturing process provides you with the flexibility to select an over-moulding material to suit your needs, whereas the inner cores are made from polypropylene and ABS for ease of rolling.

Snubbing Blocks

Our new range of snubbing blocks (V-blocks) has been created with greater flexibility in mind. The vee shape is designed to accommodate the majority of boat stem angles but is flexible enough to pull in to shape for boats with broader stem designs. The bow blocks can pivot to take up the rake angle of the stem but has an innovative square stop on the back of the block to stop the snubbing block from full rotation. The part is easily fitted into a U-Bracket with a 12mm bolt.

Skid Strip

Our skid strip is specifically designed for ease of attaching to boat trailers. Not requiring any countersinking, it can easily be drilled and screwed or riveted in place. Centralising the drill is facilitated by a unique groove running down the centre of the strip.Jakaar Skid Strips are produced of high density polyethylene ensuring a durable and hard wearing surface that does not leave any marks on your boat.