Jakaar Skid Strip

Our skid strip is specifically designed for ease of attaching to boat trailers. Not requiring any countersinking, it can easily be drilled and screwed or riveted in place. Centralising the drill is facilitated by a unique groove running down the centre of the strip.Jakaar Skid Strips are produced of high density polyethylene ensuring a durable and hard wearing surface that doesn’t leave any marks on your boat.  

Name Product Code Colour Material Height mm Width mm Metres per roll of strip
Skid Strip 4024BL0050 Black Polyethylene 10mm  50mm  50m 
Skid Strip 4024BU0050 Blue Polyethylene 10mm  50mm  50m 

For exact information on the availability of colour options & sizes, please refer to our Product Brochure or contact the Jakaar team.