JakMatGeocell - Riversdale Village Camp

Track Upgrade Background

Project Background

The Riversdale camping ground was purchased by the Riversdale Village Camp Ltd, a group of individual shareholders. The block of land divided into 30 defined sites. As the block will ultimately contain more cabins than were present prior to the change of ownership, Resource Consent from the Masterton District Council (MDC) was required. One condition of the consent was that a 5 metre wide access road had to be built through part of the camp. After some discussion with MDC it was agreed they could form this access with two x 900 mm wide strips of concrete, with Jakmat Geocell to the centre and sides of the strips. The 5 m wide access was further defined with a timber kerb each side. The camping ground regulations state 'all weather access is to be provided' and the owners were grateful that the MDC agreed to the use of Jakmat Geocell as this allowed for a greater grassed area that could be driven on.


The camping ground owners are very pleased with the project’s result, in particularly, the visual enhancement of the grassed area provided by the JakMat Geocell. Stage two of the project, the remaining access road, will be completed this summer (2009) in accordance with the Consent.

For more photos and information about JakMatGeocell Matting please click on the link below to open a pdf document.