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JakMat Ground Stabilization Matting

Jakaar design and manufacture environmental and geotechnical ground stabilization matting for use on walking trackings, farms, parking and much more

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About JakMat Ground Stabilization Matting

One of the innovative new products that Jakaar design and manufacture is the JakMat ground stabilization matting. We produce two varieties of this matting, JakMatEnviro and JakMatGeocell. The JakMatEnviro is used for walking tracks and environmental protection, for reinforcing ground used by walkers to reduce the physical wear and tear on popular walking tracks and also for farm environments. The JakMatGeocell is a more robust version of the JakMat and can be used in car parks and utility area construction.
JakMat Tongariro Crossing


The JakMatEnviro was developed for New Zealand conditions in conjunction with the DOC. Their personnel know the demands of our local environments and JakMatEnviro has been designed to their requirements.

The major benefits of the JakMatEnviro are:

- NZ designed and manufactured – made for local conditions and readily available
- Very high integral strength (honeycomb cell structure) and mats interlock – efficient weight bearing and stability in use
- Produced from recycled plastic with UV stability – sustainable from local feed stock and long lasting
- Light weight material and stackable – lower transportation and storage costs
- Easy to handle, cut to size and flexible – allowing for speed of installation and laying. 

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The JakMatGeocell provides solutions to problem areas caused by vehicular, animal or pedestrian traffic on land that has not been reinforced. The mats stabilize the ground whilst maintaining an attractive grass or gravel (aggregate) surface.

The major benefits of the JakMatGeocell are:

- Very high integral strength (honeycomb cell structure) - laboratory tested for load strength.
- A unique interlocking system (on both planes) for efficient weight bearing and stability in use.
- Able to be filled to provide grass or gravel (aggregate) surfaces.
- Potential for use in high pressure animal handling areas.
- A real alternative to asphalt or concrete surfaces.
- Produced from recycled plastic from local feed stock.
- UV stabilized for long term durability.
- Light weight and stackable, giving lower transportation and storage costs.
- Easy to handle and cut with standard hand and power tools.
- NZ designed and manufactured.

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