Jakaar JK Wheel

Used extensively on lawn mowers in the New Zealand and Australian market. This wheel has a proven range of industrial and domestic applications. The inherent strength of the box section hub, moulded in high density polyethylene, combined with a durable PVC tyre ensures a long service life. Suitable for prolonged outdoor exposure.

Jakaar JK2 Wheel

This new light weight series of wheels designed specifically for use on BBQ's is now being used on light lawn mowers and other general applications. The new rounded design still incorporates the modern box section giving good strength. The high density polyethelene hub and PVC tyre are suitable for prolonged outdoor exposure.

Jakaar JK Industrial Wheel

This robust wheel has been designed to suit both indoor and outdoor applications offering a range of tyre materials including PVC, TPR and PU with a polypropylene hub. Further flexibility in application is achieved with both offset and centred hub configurations accommodating a range of bearing options.

Jakaar Industrial Wheel

Suitable for outdoor power equipment. The increased diameter of this wheel assists with mobility on uneven ground. Made of UV stabilised polymers, this wheel is well adapted to marine environments.

Golf Wheel Wide

The smart looking wide wheel is used extensively on topend Golf Buggies and has been tested at 40ºC to carry 50kg on each wheel making it suitable for powered buggies.

Golf Wheel PVC

This wheel allows easy access to beaches, tracks and trails. It is used for hauling small to medium sized articles over beaches (e.g. dive gear, outboard motors, kon-tikis, kayaks). Its wide wheel width reduces sinkage in soft sands and soils. Due to its compact and lightweight nature it can be easily stowed in kayaks. It is constructed of UV resistant materials, allowing it to stand up to the harsh New Zealand coastal climate.

Jakaar 3" Wide Wheel

This robust wheel is used as a front wheel on Golf Buggies. The load capacity of this wheel makes it suitable for heavy load carts or trolleys. This product has been successfully installed on ground maintenance products (e.g. seeders and aerators). As can be seen, the wheel inner can be covered using a spat.

Round Handle Grips and Finger Grips

Round Handle Grips - modern designed flexible hand grip, features a tapered shape with characteristic channels for grip. The vent hole at the base of the grip ensures air escapes during fitting. Suitable for use on pipe or solid shafts.

Finger Grips - ergonomically designed grip features comfortable finger locations and soft ribbed cushioning. Available in a range of sizes for use on tube or solid shafts. Air hole in base for easy fitting.

3 Star Knobs

This range of knobs is designed for use on outdoor equipment. The tough nylon material is UV stabilised for good outdoor exposure. Both bolt and nut options available in imperial or metric sizing.